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nursing management

The Journal of Nursing Management is an international forum which informs and advances the discipline of nursing management and leadership. The Journal encourages scholarly debate and critical analysis resulting in a rich source of evidence which underpins and illuminates the practice of management, innovation and leadership in nursing and health care. It publishes current issues and developments in practice in the form of research papers, in-depth commentaries and analyses.
The complex and rapidly changing nature of global health care is constantly generating new challenges and questions. The Journal of Nursing Management welcomes papers from researchers, academics, practitioners, managers, and policy makers from a range of countries and backgrounds which examine these issues and contribute to the body of knowledge in international nursing management and leadership worldwide.
The Journal of Nursing Management aims to:
- Inform practitioners and researchers in nursing management and leadership
- Explore and debate current issues in nursing management and leadership
- Assess the evidence for current practice
- Develop best practice in nursing management and leadership
- Examine the impact of policy developments
- Address issues in governance, quality and safety
The Journal often presents papers in 'themed' issues which serve as authoritative and substantive analyses of nursing management and leadership globally. Please see the 'Upcoming themed issues' page for a list of future themes.

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